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Life Insurance Charges

We provide advisory services on various insurances for your employees such as workmen's compensation, personal accident, and other relevant employee liability insurances in compliance with legislation or as a welfare package. We arrange very wide covers to provide all round protection for your employees, and guarantee peace of mind.

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In course of our intervention, we shall ensure that all your claims are speedily processed and settled. We achieve this through our service level agreement with insurers. Once a claim is reported to us, we take over the documentation and other logistics and ensure stress free processing and equitable settlement. Your business or other affairs would not be held up by unusual delays in claims processing and settlement.

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In addition to the various policies available for employees such as employers liability or workmen's compensation, we can, through our associated companies arrange your employees retirement/ pension scheme to provide them the needed security when their work life is over. At no cost to you, we shall arrange a presentation to your employees to enable them choose the scheme that best suits their circumstances.

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Our personal products will achieve all round security for you, be it the protection of high valued assets or family protection. At short notice, we would be available to discuss with you in order to identify your various areas of risk exposure, and proffer cost effective solutions. We also arrange suitable keyman insurance policies relevant to your business and credit transactions with financial institutions.

Professional risks are easier to manage with our enhanced professional indemnity policies. Whether you are in the medical profession, building/real estate, consulting and others, you would benefit greatly from our indemnity policies, and would certainly experience improved productivity.

This has been made compulsory by the Pension Act of 2004 and provides death – in – service benefits to your employees. Unlike the group personal accident insurance where death benefits are only paid if resulting from an accident, under the group life cover, the benefits are paid to your employees in the unfortunate event of death while in service, from whatever cause, except as prescribed by the policy.

We can arrange your travel insurance to any part of the world. Whether you are traveling to Africa, Asia, Europe, the United States or other places, we will provide you suitable travel insurance with all the medical benefits to ensure a hitch free trip.

This is a cost effective means of managing your employees medical cost. Under this insurance, your employees would be required to pay minimal amounts as premium and this would entitle them to medical facilities in line with the benefits chosen. Upon your request, this policy can also be extended to cover emergency evacuation to specialist hospitals in South Africa, following a critical accident or illness.

To protect your buildings and contents against the risks of fire damage, theft, flood damage etc.

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To provide adequate cover for your imports (consignment) or export up to their final warehouse.

Outside the usual credit bonds, performance and advance payment bonds and others, we are in a position to study the dynamics of any transaction and recommend/design appropriate guarantees or insurance bonds relevant to the transaction.

To cover your private and business premises against fire, lightening, storm damage and related risks, this can be tailored to cover both your assets together with properties under your management.

This adequately covers your marine equipment such as houseboats, barges, rigs etc. against all risks of loss and damage.

To cover your private and business premises against theft and housebreaking.

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To provide a comprehensive cover against all risks of loss or damage to your assets.

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To cover your employees against accidental injury or death whether or not in course of employment.

In addition to the above, other insurances such as Money, Fidelity, Engineering, Public Liability, Construction, Goods-In-Transit, Welfare Schemes and Deposit Administration could be arranged with competent insurers