Frequently asked questions

Insurance brokers are the critical link between the insured and the insurance company. They ensure stress free insurance transactions and among other things aim to achieve the following:
Ensure that the cover you have is adequate for your operations.
Ensure that all the conditions/clauses/warranties imposed by your insurers are reasonable and unambiguous.
Negotiate good discount for you. Ensure claims are speedily processed.

We combine efficiency and professionalism with integrity in order to achieve all round excellent customer experience. Bslb has carved a niche in the provision of innovative solutions and exceptional customer service in all aspects of life and general insurance and claims management. Bslb has hands on experience and expertise in the management of oil/energy/special risks.

There are various dimensions of risks which you may never anticipate whether at the family unit, the small business or the large conglomerate. Smaller claims usually present fewer complications and may be easily dealt with by a competent insurers. However, medium to large claims require expert intervention to ensure that you are not denied equitable settlement, and to achieve speed. You may not know what other benefits your current insurance policies could provide unless you contact Bslb today

Our services come to you at no extra cost as our counterpart insurers would usually pay our fees. However, for transactions which we did not manage from inception, we would charge our fees for any attendant claims management.

Our advisory services begin as soon as we receive your mandate. Renewal would be an opportunity to review your entire insurance program and ensure it provides adequate security for your assets at a competitive cost