• Bslb serves the customer and the customer alone. We strive to ensure at all times that our clients interests are advanced, and protected. All our counterparties such as insurers, loss adjusters, assessors and the like, must work together to protect and preserve our customers' interests and ensure that they remain profitable at all times.


  • Throughout our engagement, we ensure that we consistently add value to our clients' business. Renewals will be an opportunity for service evaluation, and to seek possible cost-saving areas without prejudice to employing only the very best insurers and related parties in the management of our customers' risks.


  • Bslb aims to evolve a working partnership with both customers and insurers and other related parties and will at all times, maintain an open communication channel across the lines and ensure that maximum speed is employed in the resolution of business issues. We maintain a 24hrs service hotline to be able to attend to issues whenever they arise.


  • Bslb does not accept inducements from insurers to the detriment of their best judgment at all times.


  • Bslb conduct its business in line with global best practices.


  • Proper negotiation of your premium rates to consistently achieve cost savings in all your insurance transactions.
  • Ensuring that your claims are paid promptly, even if they are borderline cases.
  • Ensuring that the cover you have is adequate for your operations.
  • Ensuring that all the conditions/clauses/warranties imposed by your insurers are reasonable and unambiguous.
  • Proper arrangement of your various insurances in other to obtain additional benefits from your insurers, such as volume discount and authorized repair limits.
  • Tailor-made products suited to your particular operations, to be worked out in liaison with reputable insurers, in other to achieve maximum protection and cost-effectiveness.
  • Ease of policy interpretation as Bslb will provide summarized insurance registers at no cost once your policies are packaged.
  • Arranging a consortium of competent insurers for your large risks to ensure that large claims are easily shared out and promptly paid by the participating insurers.